Hyperforums aren't dead yet!
(Well, not quite, anyway.)

Following the demise of the ABC's SSSF, TechTalk and Scribbly Gum forums, along with ABCNick's ABC Forums, this Hyperforum version is no longer useful.

I am, however, still maintaining Hyperforums that work with the cb88 Holiday and Gardening forums.

I have made two of these, one for SSSF/TT/SG castaways who wish to keep an eye on the Gardeners at http://chrw.customer.netspace.net.au/hf/hgd.html, and one for the Gardening Forum castaways who want to keep an eye on the former SSSF/TT/SGers at http://chrw.customer.netspace.net.au/hf/ghd.html

There is also a message board type forum with Science, Tech and Nature sub-forums (plus Photograhy, Automotive and Sport sub-forums) maintained by FSM.  These can be found at http://fffsforums.com/.  Please sign up there and keep this part of the community active as well.  You will find many old forum folk there already.

... Chris
(Indigo, Uncle Chris, Mad Man Moon, etc.)